A downloadable game

Pokémon Essence is an unofficial Pokémon tabletop roleplaying game with no links to the Pokémon Company or Nintendo. It is now and always will be free to download.

Pokémon Essence v0.8 - 2nd public beta version

Current Features:

• Rules-light and simple

• Quick character creation

• Anime inspired narrative focus

• All 151 Generation I Pokémon 

• Generation 2+ compatibility

•Guidance for adding Pokémon 

Future features:

• Encounter tables for routes and towns

• Orange Islands style Gym challenges

All Generation I Pokémon Completed!


Pokémon Essence v0.8.pdf 202 kB
Pokémon Essence v0.8 Printable.pdf 105 kB
Pokémon Essence v0.8 character sheet.pdf 846 kB
Pokémon Essence v0.8 character sheet.png 251 kB
Pokémon Essence Pokédex

Development log


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This looks cool, wondering if it's possible to have solo play rules?

It's not in the pipeline but I'll comment to you if that ever changes.

Awesome, hope you get a chance to one day! I always prefer official solo rules but will try it with a gm emulator