Pokémon Essence V0.8

Pokémon Essence V0.8 is here!

Major Additions

  • Action Resolution system now uses a dice pool system. Still as easy to use as before, but now better able to reflect the capabilities of individual Pokémon 
  • Pokémon descriptions have been updated to Pokémon Physique. Pokémon get bonus dice in their pool if their physique is relevant, for instance when Hitmonchan punches something, or when Tentacruel wants to constrict a target.
  • Dark, Steel and Fairy types are now included
  • Some Pokémon types gained new abilities so that each type now has a minimum of three moves. Full list:
    • Taunt; Feint Attack;  Metal Sound;  Iron Barbs;  Crafty Shield;  Fairy Lock;  Magnet Pull;  Misty Terrain;  Signal Beam;  Rage Powder;  Draco Meteor;  Magnet Rise;  Stealth Rock.
  • Advice for adding Pokémon from later generations

Minor edits

  • Updated character sheets to include energy counters
  • Updated the ability 'thief' to  Normal/Dark type, depending on which Generation is being used
  • Cleaned up character creation instructions
  • Cleaned up Action Resolution System's wording
  • Various spelling and grammar edits


The next update, V0.81, will be the Viridian Region edit. It will include encounter tables, quests and locations for Pallet Town, Route 1, Viridian City, Route 2, Viridian Forest and Pewter City, including Pewter Gym, the Pewter Science Museum and the Pokémon School. Work is already in progress, but it may take some time as I have other (bigger) projects on the go.

Below is a sneak-peek at some of the encounters for Route 1. I think that if I can make a route containing only Pidgey and Rattata interesting, then the rest of Kanto has great potential!

  1. Youngster Ronny has a cowardly Rattata and wants some help teaching it the move Quick Attack.
  2. A group of Rattata are eating from an abandoned picnic hamper. A Pidgey keeps swooping down, trying to take a sandwich.
  3. A Rattata is gnawing at a can of tinned food, trying to open it
  4. Schoolkids Shermon and Danny are having a very slow Pokémon battle, trash-talking each other all the while. Shermon has a Kakuna and Danny has a Metapod. They will trash-talk anyone who comes nearby too.
  5. A nearby tree contains a nest with 2 fledgling Pidgey getting ready to fly for the first time. A Rattata is below the tree, waiting to pounce on them if they fall.
  6. A young girl chases after a Pidgey which is flying overhead, carrying a pencil case.


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