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What is Laser Monks in Outer Space?

Laser Monks in Outer Space is an ultralight tabletop roleplaying game where you play as space-paladins with Laserblades and superpowers.

It’s a game focused the pull of the dark and the difficulty of following a moral but restrictive creed. It's about choosing between what is right and what is easy.

Laser Monks follow a creed known as The Path

The Path is Peace

The Path is Compassion

The Path is Moderation

Following The Path grants Laser Monks power, but straying from The Path with an action that directly opposes it grants quicker access to power. Players choose their Laser Monks destiny. Will they attain harmony and ascend to life beyond as a spirit? Or will they stray from The Path and become one of the fallen?

Laser Monks In Outer Space is designed to be played in short campaigns, or to be used for one-shots. 

The rules are designed to support cinematic and quick-paced gameplay. The core system is a light-weight dicepool.

Character creation has zero-hassle and can be done in 5 minutes.

Laser Monks In Outer Space is only in black and white to make it printer-friendly and can fit on just two pieces of A4 paper if printed doubled sided.


  • Title page
  • A4 spread of the game rules
  • A4 spread for the character sheet (which includes the character creation rules)
  • A4 spread of GM advice and an example of play
  • A5 setting module to help GMs run a game session with minimal fuss

Download Instructions

Laser_Monks_Spreads.pdf is the best option for digital viewing of the rules booklet.

Laser_Monks_Booklet.pdf is for printing of the rules double-sided on two pieces of A4 paper. If you don't have a printer that can print double-sided, print pages 1 and 3, then insert the papers which you printed onto back into the printer and print pages 2 and 4. Take care to flip and orient the paper correctly!

Laser_Monks_Character_Sheet.png is a character sheet for online game sessions

Laser_Monks_Character_Sheet.pdf is a character sheet for tabletop game sessions

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Laser_Monks_Spreads.pdf 83 kB
Laser_Monks_Booklet.pdf 1 MB
Laser_Monks_Character_Sheet.png 502 kB
Laser_Monks_Character_Sheet.pdf 61 kB


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Kind of obsessed with how you managed to create the perfect paladin, but also they are laser monks in outer space.

Five stars.

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Lovely zine construction and page layout, innovative injury system and thematic. Uses "control panel layout" on the character sheet.

I would recommend anyone running this print out a copy because it looks its best in zine form. 💜